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The role of HR

When deciding whether a career in HR is for you, you need to understand what the role of HR in an organisation is.  This is misunderstood by many.

People working in HR often choose this as their career because they love working with or helping people.  They find the job very difficult when times are hard and their focus is making people redundant or cutting back on employee benefits.  In a recent conversation with an acquaintance she mentioned a friend, Liz, who had moved from a very successful role in recruitment to a generalist HR role.  A sociable person who liked to make friends with work colleagues, Liz found that few wanted to be friends with her and that, together with the company wide redundancy programme, made the new role extremely stressful.  Liz plans to return to recruitment as soon as the market picks up.

In this article - Top tips for HR graduates - from Personnel Today, understanding the role of HR is perceived as critical for success in the profession.

On my website the page on the role of HR receives the most visitors and has a high page rank on Google and I received the following comment from one visitor 'I am writing to thank you for the articles on your webpage. They have definitely given me a better understanding of HR. Thank you.'

It's good to know that I am helping to shed some light on this critical area to our profession.



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