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Need to organise a workshop or spend with your team to tackle some challenges, do some teambuilding, plan your future strategy?

PurpleLine Consulting - Team Work

Calling in a facilitator to design the day and take care of the process is much more likely to lead to you achieving consensus and meeting your objectives because everyone has taken part. We take care of the process – enabling you and your team to concentrate on the issue at hand.

Facilitation comes from ‘facile’ or ‘facere’ which means to make easy. It involves making interventions that help a group progress towards achieving its desired outcome more quickly, directly and enjoyably.

In discussion with you we can

  • design a programme to achieve your objectives
  • use a variety of tools and techniques
  • ensure all attendees participate

Team coaching – we can work with you to develop your team’s ability to work together to solve problems. With our support you can concentrate on developing solutions rather than focussing on what is or is not happening in the group.

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