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The fine line between managers and HR

Here is an excellent article highlighting the issues about the division of people management responsibility between line managers and HR.

However, I think that there is one step missing - that of defining the role of HR and communicating it effectively.  This is an old chestnut of mine, because I think that making this clear avoids a lot of aggro between HR and managers. 

There are lots of risks in ending up 'with an HR function that looks like the textbook version' (what is that?) or not asking the questions listed.  Not least, assuming that everyone knows what the dividing line between managers and HR is or in the case of new managers or those joining the organisation, that HR does the same as it did in the previous business or what the manager thinks it should do.

And I do agree that it would be great to reduce the number of 'this is HR's job, not mine' conversations!  What do you think?


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