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Mapping the development of HR professionals

In an earlier post, I commented on the CIPD's new professional development scheme, which covers skills and behaviours as well as HR knowledge.  In a recent issue of Personnel Today, Jan Hills, HR capability partner at Orion Partners considers the new CIPD map "a great step forward for modernising standards and guiding HR practitioners in their development."

Jan gives some golden rules and practical examples of how to run an HR development programme to meet the CIPD's new requirements, based on her own experience.  She says "The development must address the individual on three levels:

  • Mindset - the beliefs they hold about the function, their role and themselves;
  • Capability - the skills needed in their new role; what they need to do;
  • Relationships - how they work with their clients and/or their HR colleagues."

She gives useful examples of how the learning can be applied as on the job development, in a development event and in off job learning. 

Jan also advocates the use of coaching to embed the learning using internal or external coaches or co-coaching schemes.  You can read the full article here.

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