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HR skills for survival

The CIPD recently published the results of a website poll of HR professionals to identify the competencies believed to be most important to establishing the effectiveness and crdibility of the HR function in an organisation. 

The top 3 are:

  • effective management of change (46%)
  • strategic thinking (44%)
  • business knowledge (36%).

I found it interesting that ability to deliver against targets scored only 17%.  I think this is a critical skill.  Given that HR departments often have a poor reputation for delivery, this is critical to demonstrating that you can and will do what you say you will.  Nearly a quarter of the 349 respondents were Heads of HR/function, who are responsible for delivery - clearly not paid on results!  One of my clients informed me that their Head of HR had recently communicated the 18 priorities for the function for 2009/10!  We are our own worst enemies - trying to be all things to all people.  It's only by giving focus to what HR does that we can deliver the results needed to demonstrate its value to any organisation, so I am pleased to see that 'driven to deliver' is one of the eight behaviours listed in the preview of the CIPD's HR map.

You can download the CIPD's analysis of and full results of the mini survey here.


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