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A passion for training

Julia Claydon, Director of HR for Nando's restaurants, firmly believes that investment in training and development makes a business successful.

In an article on HRZone.co.uk, she says "it's more from my belief that if you create a really great working environment, and look after your people and by that I mean being practically helpful by giving them the right skills to do a great job, allowing them to be confident, having really robust feedback mechanisms in place, and great coaching in place, then you don't need a heavy-handed HR approach; you don't need loads of people keeping you out of court, the dynamic is a positive one," she says. "We don’t have those kinds of issues cropping up very often, because the focus is on respecting people that work for you, engaging them and developing their careers in return."

Claydon admits that her CEO's belief in the power of effective people management has certainly made her job easier.

"I would love to say I had to convince him but it's his core belief anyway. I have never ever had to battle for things here because I am fortunate enough to work with a CEO and a senior management team that believe that people are the core of our business," she says. "We have a phenomenal product, beautiful restaurants, but if the people bit isn't right, then it doesn't matter how beautiful your restaurant is or how nice your chicken tastes; it's not quite the same is it?"

Claydon believes that employee development coupled with creating a culture where everyone feels relevant has helped to make the business a success.  "A job is no longer just about an extra £5k. People are more interested in what businesses stand for, and care far more about not just how they are treated but how socially responsible they are, what the values of the business are; and not just five words stuck on a wall but what happens every day that demonstrates what that business is about. HR has a key role to articulate those values but also how we are accountable for them and the ethics of the organisation."

You can read the full article here.



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