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Susan Boyle: A lesson in talent management

It is so easy to make assumptions about people based on their appearance...

In his blog for HarvardBusiness.org Peter Bregman says about Susan  "We prejudged her by her looks and were fooled. We experienced the full gamut of emotions in a few short moments: guilt, shame, vindication, hope. She's a modern Cinderella and these days it's a wonderful distraction and inspiration to witness the triumph of the human spirit."

Peter makes a good case for finding out what people's strengths are and nurturing them.  He says "Who among us doesn't move through life with the hidden sense, maybe even quiet desperation, that we are destined for more?That underneath our ordinary exterior lies an extraordinary talent. That given the right opportunity, the right stage, the right audience, we could shine as the stars we truly are?"

"We all have that sense to one degree or another. And it's a great opportunity for managers. How we handle that opportunity is what distinguishes the great managers from the merely good ones."

"Good managers help their employees succeed in whatever role they happen to be in. Great managers see the unique talents of each employee, and then create the role that's a perfect vehicle for those talents. Great managers remove the obstacles that prevent their employees from unleashing their talent. And they make sure each employee has the right opportunities, the right stage, the right audience, to be fully appreciated."

You can see the full article here.


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