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Stop worrying about your weaknesses

There are real disadvantages of focusing on your weaknesses.  Here's why...

Peter Bregman explains how our weaknesses become the focus of our attention from our time at school.

I can clearly remember that feeling of trepidation when I brought home the envelope containing my end of term report, anxious about what it would contain and what my parents would say about it.  It's a more open process now but neverthless our children will inevitably want us to be pleased and proud about what it contains.  We also feel similar emotions going into the end of year appraisal.

The real point here is how we take for granted the As - the areas of strength, and focus on why the Fs are there.  But realistically, we can't be good at everything.  So focusing on people's strengths and mitigating their weaknesses will improve on their enjoyment of what they do at work as well as have a positive impact on their performance.  Makes sense, doesn't it? 

You can read Peter's article here.


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