The Speaker

Have you been watching The Speaker on BBC2?  It's a competition to find Britain's best young speaker.

It's been fascinating watching young people from all parts of the UK and from very different backgrounds take part in the competition.  Some demonstrate such confidence, whilst others face the fears so commonly associated with public speaking and of course, the whole spectrum of feelings between.

So far the 160 invited to audition have been whittled down to 8.  They face a number of different challenges and are being mentored by some prominent British personalities including Deborah Meaden (of Dragon's Den fame) and Lord Spencer.

I find the programme inspirational and uplifting.  It is offering a really worthwhile experience to those involved - even those who have not got through to the final 8 and it's really great to see the young people's passion and growth through the programme so far - and there are still 3 more programmes to come! 

The programmes contain lots of useful tips about successful public speaking and there are more on the website.  You can watch also past episodes on the BBC iPlayer.  Take a look and see what you can learn from the experience of these young people.


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