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Hard work's overrated, maybe detrimental

I used to be concerned when I was told by my daughter's teachers that she spent too much time daydreaming during lessons.  But maybe it was useful time after all.

Daydreaming can be very valuable indeed.  I can remember a colleague telling me that all his good ideas came to him in the bath.  And I have often spent hours worrying about how to solve a particular problem, only to find that the answer comes after doing something completely unrelated.

This article gives two very good examples of where working hard was fruitless and why focus and the right environment can lead to great ideas. 

And my daughter?  She's just completing her PhD in breast cancer research.  She's worked very hard, sometimes close to the 'freaking out' referred to in the article, but she's also done a lot of daydreaming, so it obviously serves her well.

Where do you get your best ideas?


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