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End of Year Reviews

It’s that time of year – end of year reviews. Managers are walking around looking more pre-occupied than ever and complaining about how much time they take up and about HR chasing them up for completion information.

Everyone knows when they should be taking place and yet it appears so difficult to find the time to do them. Why is that?

For many employees their appraisal or end of year review is the main opportunity they get for a face to face discussion with their boss. And for many, their pay increase or bonus depends on it. Yet it is frequently not given the time and attention it needs.

The principles are:

  • Preparation, followed by two way discussion

  • Feedback, based on evidence of achievement or otherwise

  • An opportunity to consider strengths and how they can be put to best use

  • Identification of SMART objectives for the next year - and it’s critical you record now what success will look like, so it is clear to both of you

  • Identification of any development requirements to enable the forthcoming year’s objectives to be met

  • Discussion about future career aspirations and ways of fulfilling them.

Simple, yet all too often unfulfilled.

Make sure that you give end of year reviews the effort they deserve – and be honest. Your staff will respect you for doing so. See also my article ‘Tough talking’.


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