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Ten Signs of Incompetent Managers

Fast Company, an American business magazine, has interesting and thought provoking articles and often takes a very challenging approach to aspects of people management.

This article – Ten Habits of Incompetent Managers is interesting as it identifies 10 signs of incompetent managers. In my view there is one vital one that is missing – those managers who do not manage!

Managers are there to deliver products and services through the resources – predominantly people – that they are responsible for. Yet over and over again managers are recruited to the role because of their technical abilities. A good friend and former colleague of mine, who is extremely capable and very skilled at leading a team of people to deliver results, does not seem to get the same level of recognition in her organisation as others whose managerial skills are woeful. The difference? Others have technical skills which the organisation appears to value more than my friend’s managerial skills.

The most frequent reason for leaving organisations cited in exit interviews is a poor manager. Organisations spend huge amounts of money on recruitment costs and management training, yet the standard of people management generally leaves a lot to be desired. Recognise and value those managers in your organisation who really manage people effectively – they are the ones who make the difference – both to the people who work for them and for your organisation’s success.


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