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I still cherish a note from the managing director of the company I worked for 20 years ago. I presented him with a gift on behalf of everyone at his leaving do. I got a bit emotional, mainly because at that time I was not used to speaking in front of a lot of people, but also because he was such a good leader and I was very sorry to see him go. The fact that I was emotional seemed to make it a more memorable for him – or that is what he said to me in a handwritten note that he sent me after he had returned to France.

These days we rely so much on email for communication. It works, but is very impersonal. Saying a personal thank you by sending a handwritten note is, I am sure, even more memorable now in the electronic age we live in than it was twenty years ago, because it is such a rare occurrence.

If you have really appreciated someone’s efforts over the past year or even in the past month, write a note to say thank you and notice the impact. I am sure you will want to do it again!


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