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Success - the Brady way

Karren Brady takes on the role of adviser to Sir Alan Sugar, replacing Margaret Mountford, in the next series of The Apprentice.  Here are Karren's tips for successful people. 

I am a great fan of Karren Brady - an excellent role model of leadership in business today - and she is only 40! Her achievements include turning around Birmingham City Football Club and now Vice-Chair of West Ham, being a commentator on The Apprentice and a Non-Executive Director of Mothercare.  I like her no-nonsense approach to leadership, which has obviously stood her in good stead in her impressive career to date. 

Karren identifies 6 key traits of really successful people: 

Leadership - a real leader faces the music even when she doesn't like the tune.  Where do you stand in times of challenge and adversity and how does this come across to your people? 

Ambition - no-one started anything without it.  The toughest thing about being a success is that you've got to continue being one.  Karren admires Sir Alan Sugar, for continuing the things he does and doing them well. 

Determination - her key to success. 

Attitude - if you don't like something, change it or change your attitude.  Consider what is the worst thing that can happen.

Direction - the whole world steps aside for someone who knows where s/he is going.  When she was Chief Executive at Birmingham City Football Club, everyone who joined the Club spent their first day in her office - and had to be clear about the direction of the Club right from Day 1.  Once you are clear on direction, where you finish is up to you.

Be positive - encourage people to be the best that they can be, offer no hiding place and be willing to stand up and be counted.

Look at other people's successes - read books, continue to grasp opportunities to learn - for the rest of your life.  Her grandmother's advice was 'never look down on people unless you are helping them up'.  Karren's role models are Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar.  Who are yours?


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