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Working in HR – the importance of a positive mindset

One of the greatest attributes an HR practitioner (indeed anyone!) can have is a positive mindset.

Positive MindsetThis is because HR is often blamed for many of the organisation’s ills – bad management, poor employment practices, stupid initiatives, the list goes on…. but also, because people management is often seen as purely common sense. Largely I agree with this, but have been frequently disappointed over the years at the frequency with which common sense goes out of the window when dealing with people.

So, how can a positive mindset help the HR practitioner to be successful at what s/he does?

  1. Belief that HR adds value to the business and being clear why.
  2. Explain to people why this is the case - particularly if they criticise HR.
  3. A clear understanding of what HR does (and does not) do.
  4. A focus on outcomes not process.
  5. Make sure that all HR initiatives contribute something positive to the business i.e. solve a problem that exists – and test this out with your harshest critic before going public.
  6. Ensure that all HR colleagues are focussed on solutions, understand and can communicate the business benefits of their actions.

These will go a long way to raising your reputation – and the reputation of HR in your organisation.


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