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View from the Top on HR: Chris Moore - Chief Executive of Domino’s Pizzas

Chris was interviewed for an article in Personnel Today (24 June - Motivation: how to keep your staff on side ). He has been with Domino’s since 1990, initially as Marketing Director. Domino’s business proposition is a simple one – delivering a great pizza in 30 minutes. This is a challenging proposition as it relies on franchisees, not employees to deliver it. Their rigorous selection process ensures the best possible franchisees are chosen for their outlets – and that their promise will be delivered.

Domino’s team of 7 people in HR deals with their directly employed staff, but also provides assistance to franchisees for more complex issues. Chris believes that HR should be represented on company boards, as indeed Jane Roberts, their HR Director, is on the Domino’s board. The importance of HR in Domino’s is demonstrated by the level of involvement they have in the planned expansion programme.

One of Chris’s key frustrations surrounding HR professionals is that they spend so much time dealing with petty issues that they cannot see the wood for the trees. It is not clear from the article whether these petty issues are of the HR professionals’ choosing or any other reason.

He says ‘Great HR people have the ability to stand back and take much more of a helicopter view of the situation’. He’s so right - what a refreshing viewpoint!

And the best piece of advice that he has been given by an HR Director? ‘Count to 10’ or possibly ‘sleep on it – and rewrite it in the morning!’ Sound advice!


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