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The top social tools for 21st century HR

In 2005 Fast Company Magazine published a series of articles called Why We Hate HR.  They now perceive that in innovative organisations HR has moved on, is more responsive to business needs and is embracing social media to do so.  I guess they have no choice!

No surprise from my perspective is that a year between appraisals is too long.  I've thought that for a long time - and it's true in all businesses.  Which means that the culture has to change in many organisations. 

Instead of the appraisal ritual, based around a long form which has to be completed 'for the record', feedback becomes a regular feature of dialogue between employee and line manager.  Open, honest dialogue makes for a trusting relationship, especially if it takes place frequently, which surely has to be a good thing.  Using a tool such as those suggested offers a quick and easy solution to record the key points of feedback discussions.

The advent of sites like Glassdoor offers the opportunity for employees and candidates to express a view about their experience of different organisations, so is a good source of inside information for future applicants and emphasises the importance of managing the employer brand effectively. 

How close is your organisation to using tools like those suggested?


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