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Memo to CFOs : Don't Trust HR

A seemingly curious statement from Richard Beatty, Professor of Human Resources at Rutgers University to a conference of CFOs in Florida...

Among the controversial views he offers on HR, he cites:

  • evidence of the lack of correlation between employee satisfaction, performance and financial returns.  He says for those employees who make a negative impact, organisations would be better off paying them NOT to come to work or better still, paying them to work for their competitors.
  • Being an 'employer of choice' is 'silly' and is an invitation to those who want somewhere 'to hide out', rather than those who 'are excited, excited and understand how to contribute to what you do.'
  • HR taking on the 'St. Bernard role' by treating most employees the same way and 'spending considerable time trying to defend or fix poor performers.
  • He says that the language of organizations is numbers and that HR isn't very good at data analytics.  Beatty said. "They don't think like business people. Many of them entered human resources because they wanted to help people, which I'm all for, but I'm also for building winning organizations."

Let's hope he is also equipping his students to address these concerns.  See the full article here

So it's not just Paula, the HR Manager who is Sir Alan's latest victim on the Apprentice, who can't keep on top of the numbers...


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