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HR Unconference

Organised by Connecting HR, it brought together about 50 people with an interest in social media to discuss a range of HR topics of their choice. 

Using different techniques like World Cafe and Pecha Kucha, participants set their agenda for the day and then worked through it in groups, choosing which sessions were of the most interest to participate in with freedom to move to another if that did not prove the case. 

Topics ranged from that old chestnut performance management to using social media in HR and whether aspiring CEOs (and graduates) should spend time in HR as part of their organisational learning.

And the whole event was captured in graphics by Tim and his gang of artists - no boring notes this time!


And the new experiences? 

Listening to pecha kuchas on topics which included blogging in HR, a different approach to employee surveys and doing one myself on HR burnout, which seemed to strike a chord. 

The Unconference provided a motivating format, which encouraged easy dialogue with others.  And last but certainly not least, the participants were energised and energising - a rarity at HR gatherings in my experience. 

I connected with some great people and being there has prompted me to take some actions that I otherwise wouldn't have - always a good sign! 

I'm looking forward to the next one already.


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