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Be as un-HR-like as possible

This recipe for success for strong HR leadership comes from one of the UK's 'brightest HR leaders',David Smith, former people director of the supermarket chain Asda.

In an article 'Lessons from the hot seat' in the 11 March 2010 edition of the UK trade journal People Management, Linda Holbeche shares her research for her latest book HR Leadership.  15 people who have made the grade in a variety of different organisations share their views on what makes a good HR leader.  These include:

  • perspective and insight
  • influence at a senior level
  • a high-performing HR team
  • leadership with courage
  • tackling whole system change
  • continuous learning.

And how to become one?

  • build your emotional intelligence
  • be hungry to learn and make a difference in whatever role you have
  • act as a business partner and internal consultant, speaking the language of business
  • understand the business
  • pay attention to development - both your own and your team's
  • take on challenges - and congratulate yourself when your risk-taking pays off.

If you're interested to find out more, Roffey Park are hosting a workshop with Linda in June on HR Leadership based on her research.


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