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80% of HR practitioners want to change jobs in 2010

In a poll on the People Management website before Christmas 80% of respondents indicated they wish to change jobs in 2010.

The site does not give information about the number of respondents, but whatever the number this is a huge proportion. Musing on the reasons for this my thoughts are that:

- 2009 was a tough year for many HR practitioners because of the recession.  This meant that many HR practitioners were spending a high proportion of their time on restructuring, redundancy, managing poor performance;

- relentless demands to support managers on day to day issues have meant that there have not been sufficient resources to address strategic HR issues and move the people agenda forward;

- the needs of the business dictating that less time to spend on more positive aspects of HR like recruitment, learning and development or talent management;

- HR itself under pressure to perform and reductions in resources at the same time as supporting the organisation to achieve these requirements.

My neighbour, who is a senior manager at a large pharma company, told me that over a period of 6 months he has had 3 different HR practitioners supporting him and that the lack of continuity had been a cause of frustration and led to delays in resolving some tricky people issues.  I have sympathy with him.  In a large organisation where adherence to organisational procedures is critical to avoid potential employment tribunal claims, consistent advice is essential - and lack of it just fuels a negative perception of HR and its role. 

And with these poll results, that problem seems set to continue.   What are your thoughts?


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