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10 people management priorities for 2012

Personnel Today has identified these top 10 people management priorities for 2012.  Are they your organisation's?

What disappoints me about this list is that, with the exception of engagement, it is all reactive - dealing with issues prompted by new legislation and the current economic climate rather than desirable employment practice.  It is so easy to focus on the operational rather than strategic priorities.

I'd like to add:

Leadership with integrity

Let's encourage leaders in organisations to be open, and to take action rather than talk about it.  To admit they don't have all the answers if they don't.  To treat employees like adults, rather than children who can't be trusted.  To tackle dysfunctions in teams and understand the need for pursuit.

Honest feedback

Forget the appraisal form.  It's the quality of the discussion that counts.  To deal with underperformance and remember that stretch is important in talent development.

What do you think?



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