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The world's most democratic workplaces

Two UK companies feature in the top 40 World's Most Democratic Workplaces 2009.  They are Happy (mentioned in a previous post) and NixonMcInnes.  Congratulations to both companies - what an achievement to appear on the list.  Both businesses recognise that where people are happy in their work they give of their best - it's obvious really.

Tom Nixon of NixonMcInnes writes about democratic companies.  They are ones where everyone has a voice, rather than run on command and control.  CEOs say that running democratic companies helps them to be more customer-focused; give better service; motivates and makes employees happier.

Both UK businesses are small, although some of the others in the top 40 appear to be much larger.  It would be interesting to find larger UK organisations (150+ employees) which are perceived as democratic.   

How well does your organisation match up to the Most Democratic Workplaces criteria?


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