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Everyone needs a coach

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, explains in this short video why he thinks everyone needs a coach.  There's a short advert first...


This is what two of our clients said about coaching with us:

"Working with Hilary was thoroughly enjoyable but also challenging.  She was positive and encouraging at all times and really helped me to focus on the key issues at work and gain clarity on how to tackle each one.  With Hilary's assistance I feel confident about my future career and how I'm going to achieve my goals."
RM, HR Manager, Business Services, London"

"Thanks for your coaching, Hilary, which has been an inspiration! You seem to have a very special way of listening, often helping me to see things in a new way and always helping me feel safe to explore scary topics! I particularly appreciated your warmth and sense of humour, which combines so well with your occasional, well-judged challenge to help shift my habits of thought. You really have helped me to move a long way very quickly at a difficult time - thanks."
Dr A S, Consultant, London

If you’ve decided it’s time for a change and you want to work out what’s important to you and then do something about it, get in touch


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