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Staying motivated while job hunting

Here are some suggestions for staying motivated whilst job hunting:

Know what you're looking for | Knowing that whatever you do is taking you in the right direction will help you to stay motivated.

Know your worth | Have a realistic salary target in mind which you feel equates to your worth. Unless you see the job of your dreams at a lower salary and would be prepared to take it, stick to looking at that level or higher.

Little and often | Keep a routine. Set aside a chunk of time on a regular basis (every weekday if you are not working) for your job searching activities. Stick to it for that time. If you do, you can relax and do something you enjoy the rest of the time and not feel guilty that you SHOULD be job hunting.

Volunteer | Offer your services to a local charitable organisation - ideally with a cause you can be enthusiastic about. Be clear about how much time you are willing to offer and what you'd like to do. If you can do something which builds on your existing skills, even better. It will give a positive impression when you're asked that question about what you've been doing with your time since you last worked.

Ask people about what is motivating in the job they do | You'll be surprised just how many people don't find their jobs motivating! That will encourage you to stay on your path.

Do some reading | Read books, blogs or articles that will help you in your job search. If there are some action steps, make sure you do them. Actions take you in the right direction.

Do some learning | There are a huge number of free courses available online. Learn a new skill, language or learn something for fun. You will be doing something useful and now you may have the time to learn which you wouldn't otherwise have.

Keep an open mind | The next opportunity might be around the corner. Do some research on organisations that you would like to work for or jobs that you like the sound of. What appeals to you about them? If you don't already know someone in that job or organisation, do a search on LinkedIn and ask if they will speak to you about the work they do.

Connect with people | Being around positive people helps a lot. See what networking opportunities there are in your area or on MeetUp.com. Go and make some new connections - who knows where that might lead.

Get moving | Going for a walk, swim or bike ride will help you regain your energy. This in turn raises your spirits and helps you keep a good perspective on your job search.

Keep an achievement diary | Make a note of each action you take in the right direction. It may be difficult to remember at the end of each week what you've achieved, so if you keep a record of what you've done on a daily basis - contacts made, job applications submitted, positive conversations, feedback requested etc. It will all add up and enable you to see you're moving in the right direction.

Stay positive | You can't influence who else applies or who you might be up against. Focus on what YOU can do and what YOU have to offer. Action is the key to success.

Visualise your success | Hold a picture in your mind of you in your target job - imagine the types of people you'll be working with, what you'll be doing, what you will hear people saying and what you will be saying yourself about being in that job. Make a vision board and put it somewhere you'll see it often. You'll be amazed at how soon you get that job you've been dreaming of.

Good luck!

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