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The leaders of tomorrow

Psychological tests can help identify future leadership potential.  But what other activities develop future leaders?

Richard A MacKinnon, the author, suggests an approach of develop, deploy and retain.

I agree with his comments that "placing the right person in the right role is a major step towards success – increasing their levels of engagement, reducing the chance of them leaving and increasing the contribution they make to the organisation. Skill deployment should be a significant responsibility for talent managers and should form a key part of all appointments made within an organisation. The insight-raising activities within a development programme can help employees identify their own next steps and ensure that progression is based on dialogue rather than diktat."

The comment from Richard Townsend at the end of the article is also interesting.  He suggests that the impact of a person's line manager can have a bearing on their success.  This fits with perceptions that people often leave their manager rather than the organisation. Though this article challenges that view.


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