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Nice employees finish last

According to the Times of India, beware of being too nice at work. It can make you a pushover and out of touch with reality and, it concludes, gullible, hardworking employees do finish last if things are taken to the extreme.

The article outlines several scenarios to be wary of, including this one:

  • Being nice: receiving shabash greetings (positive feedback) from a satisfied client on a task well done and forwarding the message to those who worked on the project with you to let them know what everyone’s effort was appreciated. As a result, the entire team gets a morale boost.

  • Being extra nice: Receiving kudos from a satisfied client on a job well done and giving all the credit to those on your team because you don't want to seem self-serving. As a result, your accomplishments go unnoticed and higher-ups do not realise the true value you bring to the firm.

Assertiveness and a willingness to stand up for yourself are essential if you want to finish first. You’ve been warned…


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