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HR must raise its game

Another knock at HR, this time from Stefan Stern in the FT, though there are some lighter notes in this article.

These include some memorable quotes.  Amongst them that 'HR managers are the 'abominable No-men (and women of course!) who get together to form business prevention units'; 'to what problem is HR the solution?' and 'human resourcefulness personified'.

"It seems plain that CEOs and other senior managers should focus more carefully on what they want the HR team to do for them. One HR director told ... that, on being appointed, the CEO had declared: “I know what I don’t want from you. But I’m not sure what I do want.” 

The article concludes that speaking the truth to power ought to be part of any senior HR manager's job.  I agree, but to do this there needs to be trust and confidence between the CEO and senior HR manager. 

You can see the full article here.

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